David and Shannon

David and Shannon

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful.....an attitude of life.

As we enter this time of year I think it's important to think about how much we're thankful for.

Many of us aware of our blessings at this time of year. But this year I've been reminding myself that gratitude should be a daily  attitude, not just something that's a once a year occurrence. "In everything give thanks" scripture tells us. But do I or most people really do this? No, we get frustrated with work, our families and church. Most of this anger, frustration, and discouragement comes from a lack of a thankful heart. We don't see Gods mighty hand working in the mundane. We miss that even bad days are working good in those who love God. And we allow a complaining, ungrateful and overwhelmed attitude to prevail, shutting Gods blessing out.

Next time you or I have a rough time look deeply. Are you thankful? Have you been displaying gratitude to God and those around? I've found most of my rough days are not a result of issues in my world, it has everything to do with my attitude and approach to them. I can respond in a grateful way or  I can fight, cry and moan about what just happens. If I asked those around us if we were grateful people what would they say? I'm guessing I would not be nearly as grateful as I want, and honestly I'm probably more critical than I ever would want to admit.
How will you exhibit and attitude of gratefulness this year long?

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