David and Shannon

David and Shannon

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quotes that make me think....

Do you ever hear something that makes you stop and think?

Today I saw a quoted posted on Facebook. It said, "Do you know that nothing you do in your life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving the people He has made" (Francis Chan).

 That one struck me hard as such a profound and truth filled statement. We are busy people. With jobs, careers and homes and families. We rush around every day trying to do the normal thing and often forget one simple truth. Unless we do it for God (or serve Him by serving others), it didn't matter. It won't last in eternity. I just wasted my time. Phooey.

I think the entire American mindset goes against this. We are all about making ourselves better. We want a better house, car, education, or chance than those around us. We work day and night and sometimes weekends making ourselves richer and richer. We don't know how to be content with simple housing and basic food. We have homes, and we have more food than we possibly need. But we still don't dedicate our time to the Lord.

 I saw a couple minutes of professional bowling on a TV at a restaurant today. A thought came to my mind, in eternity he is going to really regret all the time he spent throwing a ball at pins. And it is true. I think we will all look back at some point and wonder why we wasted our time serving ourselves or our own little personal idols. What a waste.

 So today stop and think about that quote. Evaluate your life. Are you loving God and people with everything? Or do they just get a little bit of your time?
 Where is your treasure? God called us to "go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Are you doing it? Are you looking at the world around you as your personal mission field? That grocery clerk, or mom next door, or co-worker that drives you nuts. God put you into their lives for a reason. Be a light, not just with your actions because actions don't tell them the gospel. We are to be bold with our words. We are to be witnesses and tell the world of the great things God has done. Make an eternal impact in this world. Live with a heart completely dedicated to your God. That is a life filled with no regrets.

What are some quotes that have made you think in the past few months?

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