David and Shannon

David and Shannon

Monday, July 2, 2012

You want me to pray for how long?!

So recently my dear hubby challenged us to pray for one hour uninterrupted. In my mind I thought no big deal. To be honest I pray a lot. Constantly if you count the frantic cries upwards as I try to deal with my busy and often challenging children. (who will remain nameless in this post!) If you don't count those desperate cries for help, (which often involve asking God to help me spare their lives) then I still would say I pray a lot. I'm constantly getting calls, texts, and Facebook posts from friends, family and church members asking for prayer, support and advise. Which means I go to the Lord a lot in response.

So my prideful, crazy, unwise self thought that one hour of prayer was an easy task. I tried 3 times. Things came up. Phone emergencies arose. Children kept getting out of bed. I felt ill. Go. Figure. I finally got a chance to really pray. I prayed through every family of our church. I prayed for each issue and person involved and prayed specifically. I prayed for my hubby and my children and my teens. I thanked God and praised him. Oh yeah, and I confessed my sin.

And then I peeked at the clock. It had been 20 minutes. WOAH.

Man that seemed like a long time. I got a little concerned. What more could I pray for? I remembered a few more things and got right back to it. Those things reminded me of a few more and I got a pattern going. Honestly it was the most ADD prayer ever. I wondered if I was the dog in the UP movie. SQUIRREL! (ok only some of you will get that....but those of you who do are CRACKING up right now!)

I peeked at the clock again.

6 more minutes had passed. I almost groaned aloud. Not because I didn't want to pray. I did. I just didn't know it would be so hard to pray for one hour. No wonder those disciples fell asleep. I wondered if I would make it.

Then I remembered Facebook. Ok I know that sounds weird. But I have 600 Facebook friends and I know each one. Many of them are believers or in ministry. And the ones that aren't need prayer even more! So I started thinking through all my Facebook friends. I was able to think of a ton of serious needs that many of them had been asking for prayer for.

The time finally flew by. Apparently God wanted me praying for someone on FB this time. This was a good exercise in godliness for me. It was harder than I thought it was and helped me see how much praying I could get done in just one sitting.

So here is my challenge. Pray for one hour uninterrupted. Tell me how it went! :) Let me know if you need prayer here too....I will make sure I cover it the next time I sit down for my long prayer session.

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  1. Wow. Okay, I'm going to try this...
    I'll comment later to let you know how it went! :)